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Foldable Marine Cranes

Effer marine foldable knuckle boom cranes can work in tight spaces thanks to their compact size and shape. They can be installed on different types of vessels and they are superb for carrying out loading and unloading operations in complete safety, such as the handling of containers, equipment as well as heavy and delicate materials. They are also ideal for applications related to ROV equipment and are often used for operations on the deck of the craft, on platforms and in port areas.

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Knuckle Marine Cranes

The robustness of Effer knuckle boom cranes means that they can withstand even the most severe weather conditions. Thanks to their precision and reliability, operators can move very heavy loads under complete control, avoiding the applied weight roll and the pendulum effect.

Despite their considerable performance, Effer articulated marine cranes are compact so leaving maximum free space, for example on the deck. They are also ideal for work boats, multipurpose boats and also aboard diving support ships. Thanks to their precision they can also be used for offshore platforms and in fish farms, or for many other applications.

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Telescopic Marine Cranes

Telescopic boom cranes can work under any condition, thanks to the robustness and flexibility of this type of equipment. Each movement can be made in complete safety, also when handling loads very close to the crane.

In the case of on-board handling as well as between ship and shore, Effer telescopic cranes are a reliable business partner, versatile and very easy to use. Work with an Effer telescopic marine crane make any on-board handling quick and easy! Like all Effer marine cranes, you may also apply different accessories to the telescoping one, depending on its intended use, from the ROV to man-riding feature along with many others.

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