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Japanese-made UNIC truck mounted cranes are renowned for their mobility, reliability and high productivity. UNIC cranes are manufactured to the highest standards in design, durability and safety. The brand has been manufacturing cranes for almost 70 years and is renowned globally for high quality vehicle loading cranes with an extensive range of capabilities.
The hoist-winch, telescopic straight-boom configuration of UNIC cranes make them perfect for heavy lifting in tight spaces, at height and below ground, or around walls, fences and obstacles in even the harshest conditions. UNIC cranes have long been a favourite with Steel, sign and shed erectors, water and electricity authorities, and for many marine applications.

UNIC truck-mounted cranes come in a wide range of models to fit on most light-to-heavy duty truck chassis. The cranes have safety in mind with the new technology Super Stability System and Super ML Radio Remote Transmitter, which allows the operator greater control and access to critical information, plus a wide outrigger for excellent stability.

UNIC Cranes are perfect for:

  • Transportation
  • Landscaping
  • Railroad work
  • Recycling & Salvage
  • Irrigation
  • Drilling
  • Construction
  • Lumber
  • Iron & Steel production
  • Steel erection
  • Poles & Sign work
  • Marine
  • Jetties and bridges
  • Underground work (eg. Pumps and sumps)
  • Precision placement
  • Heavy, in close lifting (eg. Bobcats, scissor lifts and similar machinery)

For more information about UNIC cranes sales and services contact the team at Cranetech Australia.

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Unic Marine Cranes – options for either manual control or radio remote control

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