The Maxilift heavy duty cranes are the result of evolution of previous models, but designed for heavy duty off road work such as:

  • mining
  • pipe laying
  • paywelder
  • excavators
  • ships and boats.

The Maxilift ML 400 and 500 cranes are often embedded in complex machinery and used without a hook as hydraulic arms to meet construction needs in various sectors: mining, pipeline, forestry and marine applications. The marine version has a special anti-corrosion treatment which enables it to withstand the harsh effects of salt water.

The range offers two models that differ in the lifting capacity: 4 TM for ML 400 and the ML 500 for 5 TM. In both models, you can choose between versions of a range of radii ranging from 3.65m to 5.75 m. These heavy duty cranes can also be equipped for winch (1,000 kg), remote control and manual extensions.

Spec Overview

Model Max. hydraulic outreach (m) Max. Standard Capacity (kg)
Short Boom Models
ML400 4.7 1,120
ML500 4.7 1,030
Long Boom Models
ML400L 5.75 900
ML500L 6.83 1,120