UNIC Truck Mounted Cranes: Versatile, Efficient, and Smart Solutions for Essentially Any Job Site

UNIC's cranes are known for their performance, superior lifting capabilities, and extensive 360º operational range. With unparalleled safety features and total hoisting versatility, these effective multi-purpose hydraulic lifting machines can handle a multitude of complex loading jobs!

Superior Performance

Created by Furukawa, these cranes are known for their superior mobility and rugged durability. These highly productive machines can be mounted light-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and everything in between. These compact and telescopic straight-boom models are a top choice in Japan where they dominate the market. Crafted to the highest standards of quality, design, and safety, they're a durable and reliable choice for anyone looking to tackle tough jobs or put them to use for multi-purpose applications.

You can choose from an extensive lineup of equipment that has been built to give users optimal performance on essentially any work site. Truck-mounted cranes, freestanding machines, and mini crawlers all offer advantageously versatile capability and superior design and performance features with streamlined efficiency.

Efficiently Streamlined Operation

All models are built with the highest standards of elevation, boom slew, and extension. This means you'll get easier operation all of the ways around. With variable control speeds, you can operate from low to high effortlessly. This allows for maximum control and handling, even on the most complex jobs. No matter what the challenge is, these cranes are ready to work fluidly and reliably. A hoist winch and telescopic boom offer higher performance levels than you're likely to find in Articular types.

With synchronised control levers that have been laid out user-friendly operation, you can simultaneously boom telescope and hook down or reverse. These cranes also feature control and lever panels with easy-to-read reflective directional symbols. This aids in safe operation and simplicity, even in low-light conditions.

An automated throttle advance system is also incorporated into the control levers. This lets you increase truck engine revs in total synchronization with lever movement. So, you get more control of load handling, better fuel economy, improved speed of hook travel, and better overall noise control. The digital load meter or every crane also provides you with clear critical load weight information around the clock.

Unparalleled Manuverability, Hoist, and Lift Performance

These cranes boast excellent hydraulic components with long telescopic boom and hoist-winch operation. This means that they function nicely when you need to lift heavy cargo. With a wide outrigger span, they're stable, safe, and extraordinarily efficient. They also feature a four-point stability supporting system for even better balance and operational functionality.

You'll also get to enjoy higher crane performance at lower depths. Every wire-rope crane can handle heavy loads and deep-hole jobs with accuracy and operational stability. With a wide range of models to choose from, you'll have plenty of selection so that you can pick the right crane for the job.

Extensive Applications and a Wide Working Range

UNIC cranes are portable, compact, and ideal for the travelling position. When in use, they stretch expansively for long operation making them capable of handling cargo on the truck and cargo in high hard to reach places. They can also be used below ground level. Even when they're operated at a distance from the truck, they perform stably and safely.

A Safer and More Reliable Option

Made from premium quality Japanese high tensile steel, all machines and equipment from this well-known brand have been produced, designed, and manufactured with stringent attention to detail. Strict quality control and safety production protocols help to ensure that every finished product is safe, reliable, and capable of providing optimal performance. Each machine undergoes a rigid inspection process and quality testing before shipment. Equipped with various safety mechanisms, these machines meet both safety and environmental guidelines, adhering to all Japanese JIS and Industrial Safety and Health Laws.

Higher Accuracy and Better Load Placement

Operators will have more accurate placement of loads with safer overall handling as they utilize straight up and down operation. This means that narrow space hoisting and loading is simpler, faster, and more efficient than ever before. You'll enjoy a significant reduction of risk to your cargo and your site with fast, safe, and effective overall operation.

Rugged Durability and Increased Longevity

All machines contain high-quality hoses and well-designed cylinders that are concealed within the actual crane body. This means that operators will enjoy abrasion protection and durability against wear and tear as well as protection from the elements. Ultimately, this leads to a longer mechanical lifespan for your equipment.

Mini Cranes

UNIC's mini cranes have been masterfully engineered to offer superior lifting operation and performance in smaller spaces and under challenging construction circumstances. When access is restricted in tight spaces, mini-crawlers get to work. A tight place the perfect place for any of their compact and capable wire-rope cranes. In any operational scenario, their strong steel cables offer extra user security, dependability, and safety. As such, these mini cranes (mini-crawlers) have been rising in popularity over the last few years. They've been rated and reviewed as highly useful and essential to various construction jobs and can be found on sites around the world.

Truck Mounted Cranes

All truck mounted cranes have been designed to optimize performance and lift utility. With useful applications and a wider range of operational utility, they can be mounted on heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty trucks. All mounted cranes are constructed to the highest quality standards and have been designed with performance in mind.

Endless Possibilities and Industrial Applications

These machines have been reliably supporting operations in various industries since their introduction in the 1960s. These industries include construction, transportation, agriculture, and more!

Mini-Crawler and Truck Mount Crane Applications Include:

  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Lumber
  • Landscaping
  • Electrical Work
  • Exhibition
  • High-Place Work
  • & More!

For Constriction Applications...

Masterfully designed to aid in the transportation of materials and scaffolding, these machines are built for construction applications. Whether it's highway work or prefabricated homes, UNIC cranes can help you transport, lift, and load with ease.

For Transportation, Loading, and Hoisting Applications...

When it comes time to lift and transport materials, these machines are a fantastic strong-arm to have in your corner. They can be used for moving scaffolding, glass, concrete, steel, and more. They eliminate the need for a dedicated truck, saving you time and money.

A Versatile Crane With Virtually Limitless Applicability

In landscaping industries, they're great for handling and placing plants, statues, fountains, displays, large stones, and all other installations. In the lumber industry, they can be used to deliver machinery and logs on and off-site. In the railway industry, they're ideal for moving parts and assisting with maintenance. They can also be used for railroad track placement. If highway work needs to be completed, they can effortlessly help you load and move repair materials, haul equipment, or remove damaged cars or debris. In the automotive industry, they help with transporting large machines, parts, car scrap, and so on.

Another area that they excel in is the electric industry. They can be used for utility pole installation as well as for the removal of wreckage and hazardous weather debris. These machines are also amazing at hoisting displays in confined spaces, especially the mini-crawlers.

Finally, UNIC's straight-boom cranes provide reach and hoisting over fences, walls, and other obstacles. With higher reach, greater stability, and below ground level operation, these versatile cranes offer better productivity almost anywhere. No matter what you need to lift, hoist, maneuver, or place, this is a capable and dependable crane option that won't let you down.

Spec Overview

Model Lifting Capacity (kg) Max hook height (m) Possible number of Booms
URW230 Series 2,330 9.8 4
URW260 Series 2,630 13.9 6
URW290 Series 3,030 13.9 6
URW340 Series 3,030 11.7 4
URW370 Series 3,030 16.2 6
URW500 Series 3,030 17.6 6
URW540 Series 4,050 19.8 6
URU800 Series 8,200 17.5 5

Unic Marine Cranes – options for either manual control or radio remote control

Model Lifting Capacity (kg) Max hook height (m) Possible number of Booms
UBV340 Series 3,030 12.5 5
UBV500 Series 3,030 13.7 5
UBV1204 Series 3,030 13.7 4

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