Stellar Industries have been producing high-quality tyre handlers for over two decades, starting from humble beginnings with the hydraulic hook-lift. Since then, they have produced a wide range of different models of tyre handling equipment as well as tyre manipulators.

Cranetech fitted its first Stellar OTR 9000 Tyre Handler in 2005. Due to the quality, strength and reliability of the product, sales have continued to grow, indicating that it is a popular choice in today’s market.

Stellar Tyre Trucks use state-of-the-art design and materials to produce the most modern design tyre trucks available on the market. At Cranetech we have a number of tyre handlers and tyre manipulators available.

The Stellar 9000 Large OTR Service Truck

The Stellar 9000 OTR series, features a rugged, heavy-duty 15’ steel OTR service body with over 60 cubic feet of storage. – click here to view blog article.

The Stellar 17000 Large OTR Service Truck

Designed from the ground up to provide maximum lifting performance and solid stability, the Stellar® 17000 is the largest OTR tyre handler in the industry allowed on a single axle truck. It also offers over 18’ of stabilizer spread to keep your truck stable.

The Stellar 23000 Large OTR Service Truck

Efficient. Effective. Tough. The Stellar 23000 OTR series tyre handler fits the need of OTR tyre service technicians who need well-rounded versatility.

For advice on which Stellar model would be ideal for your project, contact the team at Cranetech.