Effer 175 – Light Effer Crane – Easy to use and Ultimate Blend of Power and Performance!

Effer 175 – Light Effer Crane – Easy to use and Ultimate Blend of Power and Performance!

January 9, 2019

Effer 175 – Light Effer Crane – Easy to use and Ultimate Blend of Power and Performance!

Effer 175 model is the part of the small crane range of Effer. It belongs to 2 to 10 txm lifting class. Effer 175 model is an easy to use model and it is indeed an ultimate blend of power and performance!
Though this is the light series model, its materials and design are similar to big and medium Effer cranes to ensure better performance for any type of work which clients expect from the light cranes.


Why E 175 is one of the most preferred choices among Light cranes segment? Because E175 is:

  • Light and Powerful similar to other Medium/Heavy Effer Cranes
  • Having the most suitable rotation for every need, it’s Rack and Pinion system!
  • Having excellent stability, thanks to Effer’s optional base, CroSStab and V-Stab.
  • Having a solid combo of speed, precision, and effectiveness because of Effer hydraulic system.
  • Stronger and Further because of the second boom and Effer extensions
  • like Having everything under control, always because of Technical possibilities of DMU 3000 Plus
  • Immediately operative because of Wind & Drive system and Effer winch.

Standard (inbuilt) features include:

  • Hexagonal Boom Profile
  • Slewing by rack
  • ETL (Effer Twin Links)
  • Data Monitor Unit (Electronic Crane Control)
  • High-Speed Systems (Increase speed of extension cylinders)
  • Proc. Dec. System (Cylinders with the progressive stop at the end of their strokes)
  • Oil Cooler
  • Sequence Valves
  • Fly-jib articulating for more than 180 degrees
  • Outer boom articulating for more than 180 degrees
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Stabilizers with the manual outlet
  • Swing-up stabilizers, manually activated
  • Mini ESS (Effer Stability System)

Optional features include:

  • Stand up operator platform
  • Stabilizers with Hydraulic outlets
  • Wind & Drive (Crane foldable with the fly-jib on, without removing the winch components)
  • Winch
  • C Version


Technical DataSheet for 175 Light – Effer Truck Crane

Maximum horizontal hydraulic outreach m 6,39 8,32 10,40 12,53 14,75 16,72
When maximum lifting (+ 20 °) k gm 15720 15260 14970 14570 14170 13880
kNm 154.20 149,70 146.90 142.90 139.00 136,20
Rotation angle (°) 400
Rotation capacity – Maximum slope % 8.7
Operating pressure bar 350
Recommended oil flow l / min 70
Oil tank capacity the 80
Weight standard crane (± 2%) k g 1715 1855 1985 2110 2220 2305

Dimensions for 175 Light – Effer Truck Crane


Cranetech is proud distributors of Effer 175 cranes in Perth, WA. Our expert team at Cranetech will be able to help you with all your light crane needs. Our team has extensive experience and will be able to recommend the right equipment for the job. Please check out our Light Effer Crane’s page to learn more about light Effer cranes and feel free to contact our sales experts to find the right crane for your business needs.

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