Effer’s concept of “Mini Mobile Crane”

Effer’s concept of “Mini Mobile Crane”

April 18, 2018

Effer’s concept of “Mini Mobile Crane”

Thanks to Effer’s ability in innovation, they have created the new combinations for stability: the double V-Stab and the XV-Stab (CroSStab + V-Stab) for 955, 1355 and 1405 models.

They’re such smart solutions for all those who want to be competitive through stabilisation systems allowing the operator to fit the available working space while keeping up the crane’s outstanding performance.

Double V-Stab and XV-Stab are winning combinations mostly for rear mounted cranes applications, as they guarantee a 360° stability for maximum safety.

This is the “mini mobile crane” concept invented by Effer: a strong, reliable and versatile tool for work with no limits of use to make different kinds of interventions.

The main advantages for the operator are:

  • Possibility of installation also on short and standard trucks, without requiring additional stabilisers in front of the cabin: a remarkable saving of costs for changes in the truck body, and a lower weight of the installation.
  • Models 655, 685, 855 and 955, configured with double V-Stab, can be mounted also 3-axle vehicles, thus maintaining a very reduced turning radius of the truck and unbeatable maneuverability. This feature allows the operator to be more competitive when working in in narrow or unusual spaces, such as historical towns center.
  • Unlike classic mobile cranes, Effer machines can work with hydraulic jib which has a high level of articulation to get anywhere, with a smaller encumbrance on the street during operations.
  • With Wind&Drive the winch is always mounted in the same position under the second arm of the crane, so it is not necessary to move it before closing the crane once the work is finished. Plus, the crane hook is already integrated with the end stroke and always ready to be used. This means you can save time and you are safer while carrying out your work.
  • Using Effer combinations for stability allows the operator to use a small truck body to transport light loads, or to add a rear mounted trailer.
  • Unlike mobile cranes, for Effer’s “mini mobile cranes”, the movement on the road is free and without limitations or need for particular permits, usually requested for special means of transport.
  • You can have lower operative and maintenance costs, and the product keeps its value over time – a useful feature in case you’re planning to sell it again after years. Plus, it is possible to reuse the crane and stabilisation system and replace only the truck.

In fact, all Effer combinations for stabilisation are easily demountable! Contact our expert team for help with picking the right crane for the job at hand.

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