Heavy loads with Effer cranes

Heavy loads with Effer cranes

June 8, 2018

Heavy loads with Effer cranes

Lifting heavy loads with truck-mounted cranes involves a high level of risk to crane operators, bystanders, equipment and structures, which is why having the right crane for the job is essential. As heavy loads on truck mounted cranes are generally handled close to the crane, the crane operator and others within its working range are often exposed to the risk of collisions with the load or machine.

Effer Cranes feature a range of electronic and mechanical functions to help ensure the safety of operators and bystanders. As part of Effer’s new electronic management system Progress 2.0, for maximum safety and ease of work such as the Virtual Shield, a system which protects the cab of the truck from any collision with the crane.

Effer cranes feature the Pro.Dec (Progressive Deceleration) system using internal hydraulic shock absorbers at the end of each of the hydraulic extension cylinders. Load swinging is considerably reduced, collisions between the jacks in opening and closing are eliminated and this means much safer and effective working.

Truck stabilisation is crucial when moving heavy loads. Effer’s engineers have created the CroSStab and V-Stab stabilisation systems to keep your truck secure and allow the crane to operate in the front area of the vehicle using the crane at its maximum lifting capacity.

  • V-Stab: the special position of the crane stabilizers leaves a free area adjacent to the base of the machine thus allowing the handling of loads of considerable size and weight. With a standard stabilization base, you would have to use a superior class crane to do the same job. The solution V-Stab is available for models from 60 to 150 txm.
  • The CroSStab is an Effer patented solution which constitutes an extremely valid alternative to V-Stab as it allows you to position the left stabilizer crossbar in an infinity of possible angles depending on your requirements.

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