EFFER Cranes and Arboriculture

Effer Cranes and ArboricultureWhen it comes to tree lopping, tree surgery, pruning, and removal having the right crane for the job makes all the difference. Knuckle boom cranes offer some significant advantages over conventional straight-boom cranes in the arboreal industry offering greater safety, convenience and comfort during cutting operations and materials handling. Effer cranes supplied by Cranetech are a high-quality solution for this industry.
The Effer knuckle-boom crane configuration allows for precise movements in often tight spaces in tree canopies that allow the most efficient operation. You can perform pruning, tree removal and transport operation using one means, namely the loader crane that can also be equipped with a people carrier basket for work at height. Working with a knuckle-boom crane can decrease the need to climb the tree to work, which saves time and reduces the risk of worker accidents. However, if tree-climbing at height is unavoidable, a crane can be an ideal partner. It is essential to have precise movements to remove branches and trunks without damaging the plant and to get into the tightest working areas, while also avoiding obstacles such as electricals wires, buildings, and infrastructure.

Due to the nature of arboreal work, it is essential that the crane has good struck stabilisation, and able to fit into tight, awkward spaces. Effer cranes can be fitted with the V-Stab or CroSStab stabilisers which allow for multiple stabilisation configurations that allow for full 360-degree working stability.For more information about the difference between knuckle-boom and straight

For more information about the difference between knuckle-boom and straight boom, cranes click here.

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Introducing the Effer 205 DMU 3000 Plus

Effer 205 Medium Size CraneThe new mid-range Effer 205 model truck mounted crane is a high performing tool for the construction and building sector. Operators can load and unload materials with impressive operative efficiency, giving you the competitive edge. This means that you can have a crane able to work in an easy, effective and safe way in building sites, making more operations thanks to its working speed.

Sitting in the 20txm lifting range, the 205 model is made more efficient thanks to its slewing ring system for continuous rotation, a plus in case of rear installation on the truck with a trailer. The 205 model also comes with Effer’s DMU 3000 PLUS electronic management system. The DMU 3000 PLUS control not just crane functions, but other truck electronic functions as well including switching the truck on/off from the remote control, and it memorises crane operating cycles and updates you on scheduled maintenance.

Owing to its high-strength steel structure, the Effer 205 is a very light and compact crane but made for hard work. It is not only reliable but able to carry out different works in combination with different accessories such as: buckets, grab, brick grab, jib, etc. It has also been designed with the double linkrod system, which allows the operator to work at full power both in horizontal and vertical boom positions. To save time in mounting and demounting the jib or other accessories on the crane, the Effer 205 can be fitted with the Quickfaster device, allowing you to connect all the hoses in one time.

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Marine Cranes at Cranetech

Marine Crane Cranetech

At Cranetech our mobile crane solutions cover not only land-based operations but also the ocean’s harsh conditions with our range of marine cranes. Offshore work offers many challenges to machinery operation such as corrosion, stability, extreme temperatures, and seawater – not to mention the hazards of operating on open water. Our range of marine cranes from Maxilift, Effer, and Unic are designed specifically to overcome these conditions and operate in the most demanding environments.

Our marine cranes are available as straight-boom or knuckle-boom (depending on brand), allowing us to provide the right crane for your requirements. Marine cranes can be used for a wide range of applications including deck operations, offshore platforms, the fishing and sea farming industry, docks, research vessels, dredgers, oil and gas platforms and so on. Effer marine cranes range from 2

Effer marine cranes range from 2 txm to 300 txm and use anti-twist galvanised, greased steel cables and bronze brushes designed for long life to guarantee the maximum performance of the crane. All steel components are shot-blasted and protected with a fully automated cataphoresis process (models up to 80 txm) in order to protect even the less accessible points of the structures.Unic Ocean cranes are highly regarded for their smooth, efficient operation in drift-net, fishing, fish breeding and other marine operations. Unic cranes feature a tough, lightweight hexagonal boom that limits side sway and shaking, with up to

Unic Ocean cranes are highly regarded for their smooth, efficient operation in drift-net, fishing, fish breeding and other marine operations. Unic cranes feature a tough, lightweight hexagonal boom that limits side sway and shaking, with up to 3 tonne lifting capacity. Everything on the crane from the booms, base, wire rope and structural members to the smallest screws are zinc-dipped inside and out for corrosion resistance, and the main body is designed to keep out seawater.Maxilift have two

Maxilift have two specialised marine cranes – the ML400 and ML500 – while a range of our standard Maxilift cranes can also be converted for marine operation. All the marinized cranes feature protection by primer and proofing treatment. Specialised hoses and fittings are used to ensure the crane can weather the elements. In addition to this, we offer crane cover for extra protection.

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Heavy Loads with Effer Cranes

Effer heavy loads

Effer heavy loads

Lifting heavy loads with truck-mounted cranes involves a high level of risk to crane operators, bystanders, equipment and structures, which is why having the right crane for the job is essential. As heavy loads on truck mounted cranes are generally handled close to the crane, the crane operator and others within its working range are often exposed to the risk of collisions with the load or machine.

Effer Cranes feature a range of electronic and mechanical functions to help ensure the safety of operators and bystanders. As part of Effer’s new electronic management system Progress 2.0, for maximum safety and ease of work such is the Virtual Shield, a system which protects the cab of the truck from any collision with the crane.

Effer cranes feature the Pro.Dec (Progressive Deceleration) system using internal hydraulic shock absorbers at the end of each of the hydraulic extension cylinders. Load swinging is considerably reduced, collisions between the jacks in opening and closing are eliminated and this means much safer and effective working.

Truck stabilisation is crucial when moving heavy loads. Effer’s engineers have created the CroSStab and V-Stab stabilisation systems to keep your truck secure and allow the crane to operate in the front area of the vehicle using the crane at its maximum lifting capacity.

  • V-Stab: the special position of the crane stabilizers leaves a free area adjacent to the base of the machine thus allowing the handling of loads of considerable size and weight. With a standard stabilization base, you would have to use a superior class crane to do the same job. The solution V-Stab is available for models from 60 to 150 txm.
  • The CroSStab is an Effer patented solution which constitutes an extremely valid alternative to V-Stab as it allows you to position the left stabilizer crossbar in an infinity of possible angles depending on your requirements.

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New Year, New UNIC

Unic Truck Mounted Cranes

Unic Truck Mounted Cranes

Why not start off the New Year with a new UNIC Truck Mounted Crane or UNIC Mini Crawler to add to your fleet? UNIC cranes are renowned for their mobility, rugged reliability, and high productivity. Manufactured to the highest standards in design, durability and safety, UNIC cranes ensure optimum performance on the work site.

UNIC cranes are available as truck-mounted cranes or the high compact and mobile mini-crawler spider cranes. Whether truck-mounted or stand alone, all UNIC cranes offer the same characteristic advantages. The hoist-winch and long telescopic boom, along with excellent hydraulic components, are behind the performance of UNIC cranes, perfect for lifting heavy cargo. The advantages of UNIC’s straight-boom configuration make it perfect for work in confined spaces, over walls, and situations where high degrees of load placement accuracy are required.

On truck-mounted models, the straight boom is portable and compact when in the traveling position, but stretch out long in operation. They are capable of handling not only the cargo on the truck, but also cargo in high places, below ground level, or placed at a distance from the truck. The cranes have a 360-degree continuous range of motion and a wide spanned outrigger to make the crane stable and safe.

UNIC Mini Spider cranes are the perfect tool for confined space working and are highly maneuverable as the job requires. The Mini Spider cranes are available in a range of models with lifting capacity up to 10 tonnes, with most models being able to travel through a standard double-sized doorway. The UNIC original stability sensor system provides the benefit of turnover protection for safety. Its outriggers allow for independent multi-angle configurations to place the best position in restricted or confined areas.
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Stellar 9000 AG OTR Tyre Service Truck

Stellar Tyre HandlingFor industries involving large-scale heavy vehicles, Cranetech’s range of Tyre Service Trucks by Stellar Industries are an essential addition to the service fleet.

Stellar Industries have been producing high-quality tyre handlers for over two decades, starting from humble beginnings with the hydraulic hook-lift. Since then, they have produced a wide range of different models of tyre handling equipment as well as tyre manipulators.

The Stellar 9000 Large OTR (Over-The-Road) Service Truck is a hydraulic tyre handler that can safely lift up to 2300kgs with a maximum clamping span of 2790 mtrs. The unit also has 285 degrees of body rotation and 140 degrees of articulation, pad rotation and radio remote control. This allows the operator to work in a variety of conditions while still working in a safe, efficient manner. The variation of clamping distances gives the 9000 OTR series the ability to service fleets with small to medium sized OTR tyres.

Cranetech fitted its first Stellar OTR 9000 Tyre Handler in 2005. Due to the quality, strength and reliability of the product sales have continued to grow, indicating that it is a popular choice in today’s market.

Stellar Tyre Trucks use state-of-the-art design and materials to produce the most modern design tyre handlers available on the market. Visit our website or contact the team at Cranetech to see our range of Stellar tyre handlers.

Service Body Features

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Flat body has eight (8) D-ring tie downs
  • Stainless steel rotary slam latches
  • Slide top doors on all tool compartments
  • Recessed, skirt-mounted halogen floodlights
  • Rubber mounted running lights
  • Entire body is undercoated

Stellar Tyre Handling Features

  • Rotation is accomplished through a turntable bearing
  • Fully proportional radio remote control
  • Fully enclosed extension boom cylinder
  • Hexagon-shaped secondary and extension
  • Integral-mounted pump and PTO on chassis
  • Load-holding counterbalance valves

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Proven loading performance for your vehicle with Tommy Gate tailgate lifter

Tommy Gate Tailgate lifter

Available from Cranetech are Tommy Gate liftgates, a high quality and versatile addition to your ute, truck or van. Once installed by our experienced Perth-based team Tommy Gate liftgates allows the operator to work in a safer condition and with much more efficiency. With the liftgate doing the heavy lifting into your vehicle there’s less chance of injury and strain to the operators, while also reducing costs.

For utes, Tommy Gate offers the G2 Series liftgate. The Tommy Gate G2 is a dual-cylinder, parallel-arm design which utilises a pair of hydraulic cylinders to lower and raise the lift by applying direct power to both sides of the platform. The frames and platforms on every G2 Series liftgate are hand assembled and hand welded, while precision parts are laser cut and/or robotically welded. The G2 Series Lift-N-Dump models include all the same features and functions of other G2 liftgates, but also offer a unique dump-through capability to be used with dump bodies.The

The Railgate Series of lifts are designed specifically for walk-in step vans and incorporate a roller-based drive system to ensure sturdy, dependable performance through extensive cycling. This medium-duty railgate is ideal for high-cycle applications in any environment. These lifts are built with the highest quality components and place a priority on function and safety. High-cycle railgates come standard with safety trip bar, auto open and close, and recessed lights. Taper-integrated cart stops are optional on extruded aluminium platform models.

Tommy Gate products are manufactured at a state-of-the-art factory in the USA by the family owned Woodbine Manufacturing company, where they have been producing hydraulic lifts for over 50 years. Tommy Gate’s strong reputation for quality has been built through a strict adherence to the highest standards of engineering, craftsmanship and customer service. Dual-drive liftgates provide increased durability for rigorous cycling and have low maintenance requirements.

To learn more about the Tommy Gate range or if you’re considering upgrading your fleet, contact the team at Cranetech today!


Knuckle Boom Cranes Vs Telescopic Boom Cranes

Choosing The Right Boom Cranes For Your Business

At Cranetech, we’re passionate about finding the right crane to suit our customers’ needs. Depending on your industry and the sort of work the crane is required for will determine the type of crane required. The most common types of truck mounted crane are telescopic boom cranes – featured on our Maxilift, Cobra and Unic ranges – or knuckle boom cranes – featured on our Effer range of cranes. Both types have advantages and disadvantages to consider, as well as their suitability for specific types of work.

Knuckle Boom Cranes

Knuckle Boom Cranes

Knuckle Boom Cranes

Australian’s mostly use Knuckle boom cranes for loading/unloading work but can be adapted for many other applications. Effer cranes are market leaders in cranes designed for earth auger and pole standing work. Certain models are built with a heavy duty inner boom to absorb the stresses of auger work. Knuckle boom cranes also have the advantage of being able to be fitted with a range of hydraulic attachments to offer more operational flexibility. The compact folding nature of the knuckle boom crane makes it more convenient to stow the crane behind the driver cabin (or rear of the vehicle tray).

Telescopic Boom Cranes

Telescopic Boom Cranes

Telescopic Boom Cranes

Straight telescopic boom cranes are the ideal solution when accurate material handling is required. The wire rope systems on our range of telescopic boom cranes allow for linear (up and down) movement – as opposed to the arced movement of a knuckle boom crane – that allows for accurate placement of loads, and for greater maneuverability around obstacles like walls and barriers. Tight places are the right places for Unic wire-rope cranes. In any operating situation, their strong steel cables mean extra dependability and safety. High, low or tight, Unic wire-rope cranes are always right. The system also ideal for lifting and lowering materials below ground level.

For expert advice to help determine the right crane for your needs or to hear more about our products, contact the team at Cranetech today.


Choosing the right truck for your mounted crane

Effer Truck Mounted Crane unic-truck-cranes-2When making the decision to purchase a truck-mounted crane there is an important element to consider: the truck itself. The vehicle can determine the size of the crane that can be installed, and therefore the maximum load the truck-mounted crane system can handle.

The first thing to consider is the total load to be carried and the maximum load to be lifted, to what maximum radius and/or height. With this information you can determine the right crane for your needs, and only then can you find the right truck for your needs.

The truck must at least be able to:

  • Carry the crane and total load without exceeding Road and Transport Authority axle load limits,
  • Offer sufficient counter-weight effect for the crane to remain stable (i.e. not tip over) during maximum lift work.

For example, a crane required to lift 5 tonne at a radius of 4 metres (20 tonne metres) would normally require two axles (either bogey drive or twin steer) to legally carry the crane as well as to provide sufficient counter-weight to stabilise such a capacity crane.

Truck-mounted crane rules of thumb*:

Front mounted crane: If the crane capacity is tonne metres is less than the payload rating (GVM – tare weight) of the vehicle the crane-truck combination would usually be suitable.
Rear mounted crane – reduce the crane capacity by 1 tonne metres in comparison to the payload rating.

For projects outside these guidelines, engineering calculations should be made before ordering the crane or truck. Cranetech has the experience and knowhow to match the right crane to the right truck, and find the right solution for your lifting needs.

View our both our Unic Truck Mounted Cranes and Effer Truck Mounted Cranes

*Please note: this is only a “rule of thumb,” and all installations should be carefully evaluated before starting the fitment.


Take advantage of the Small Business Tax Deduction before June 30th

Truck Mounted Cranes with the Small Business Tax Deduction

The government’s Small Business Tax Incentive is available this year and next. Is your company in need of Truck Mounted Cranes or Tail Lifts, then taking advantage of it might not be something you want to put off. While you don’t know what profits you might like to reduce next year, you do know what this year’s tax bill will look like.

Businesses can write off the entire value of new hardware costs against this year’s profit instead of depreciating it over three or four years. Eligible businesses for the deduction must have a turnover of less than $2 million and the assets must be outright purchases. The allowance applies to any hardware item that costs less than $20,000 (GST exclusive). There’s no limit to how many times you can claim. The Small Business Tax Incentive is set to finish June 30 2017. At Cranetech we have a range of products from Maxilift and Tommy Gate to suit your business’s needs, and just as importantly – your budget.

Maxilift Truck Mounted Cranes Tommy Gate Tail Lift

Our range of Maxilift vehicle mounted cranes is ideal to install on light commercial vehicles, such as utes and other various transport vehicles. Our ute and vehicle mounted cranes will provide you with a flexible and portable crane that is relatively easy to handle and highly effective for those smaller lifting jobs. Tommy Gate vehicle mounted hydraulic lifts offer versatile loading and unloading solutions for utes, vans and trucks, improving safety and efficiency for your business.

With tax time approaching and the Small Business Tax Incentive in its last year there’s no better time to invest in your business.

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